​​Since 1998, SLS Technology Pty Ltd has participated in collaboration with our clients and their engineering agents to ensure the most efficient and cost effective delivery of world class water treatment products and services. With this respect based strategy we have grown to now be providing our products and service knowhow worldwide.


Filtration is a primary water treatment tool. Our products filter millions of cubic metres all over the world. Our Fabric Media polishing water filter products are renowned as a superior alternative to the traditional sand media water filter.  We are respected as a leading developer and manufacturer in the field of textile media bed water filtration.  As can be seen on this website, we have expertise and field knowhow with regard numerous other modern water treatment technologies.


Our commercial model is highly flexible.  We vendor supply to EPCM contractors or we deliver an entire plant from concept to commissioning.  We also partner with regional water equipment companies with their requirements when requested.


The company has diverse engineering capability and keeps abreast of modern water process technologies, such as

  • Chemical Pre Treatment

  • Desalination: Reverse Osmosis, Forward Osmosis

  • Salt Concentrating Osmosis:  Nanofiltration

  • Membrane filtration, UF and MF

  • UV disinfection: High, medium and low pressure lamp know how

  • Chlorination, and other disinfection techniques

  • Electrochemistry in all its forms

  • Scale Control: monitoring and water softening

  • Biological processes

  • Ion exchange

and always works with renowned technology leaders to deliver cutting edge cost effective water treatment solutions


These solutions and proof of knowhow can be observed across the diverse range of projects we have been able to fulfil for our many satisfied customers.

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