Bio Reactors

Over the years we have been involved in projects from municipal sewage to food processing wastes, to nutrient reduction in rivers and lakes; our broad team know-how covers many types and applications of bio reactors. 

Our machine based experience includes batch, semi batch and continuous reactor type processes and this has included aerated, anaerobic and anoxic reaction mechanisms.

  • Membrane biological reactors (MBR and MMBR types)

  • Stirred tanks reactor (both mechanical and air agitated systems)

  • Packed Bed Bioreactors

  • Fluidized Bed Bioreactors

  • Sludge Bed Bioreactors

  • Rotary Drum (internal) Bioreactors

  • Rotating Disc Bioreactors

  • Photocatalytic reactors

Our nutrient removal experience covers most type of floating bed nutrient reduction and heavy metal removal layouts.

>>Floating bed nutrient removal systems

Floating Bed nutrient removal
Floating Bed nutrient removal

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