Design Services

Mechanical and Structural CAD

SLS provides complete 3D CAD model services and 2D drafting for provision of detailed mechanical, electrical designs and project drawings.  We have many years’ experience with most of the common CAD software and architecture BIM modelling packages.

2D Drawing
3D Modeling

CFD Modelling


Our CFD services capability covers 2 phase closed vessel and 3 phase open vessel process flow studies. Our clients find CFD modelling a useful tool not only for confirmation of an optimum design but also to see how the design performs during non routine conditions.

The true potential of a CFD model is realised through SLS’s in-depth understanding of the underlying hydraulic principles and the correct interpretation of results.  Our Water and wastewater CFD experience includes: tank mixing, in line injection design, pump sump, valve and sampling positioning, chemical reactor design, open channel launder design and pressure surge analysis.



Design Codes


SLS has experience with European, US, Australian and Japanese electrical, mechanical and structural design codes and standards that are required for water treatment plant.


Electrical Design

SLS can provide design drawings utilising modern control panel fabrication software, such as Eplan, enables fast, high quality fabrication to western standards.


Automation Control Software

SLS provides full development of automation software and can provide control systems based on any PLC and HMI products of the major electrical hardware brands.

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