Chlorination is a well proven form of chemical water treatment.  To a certified company like SLS Technology Pty Ltd, the use of chlorine in any form for drinking water disinfection or oxidation of industrial waste streams is second nature.  There are many textbook and supplier guides on good Chlorination design and practise.  However, we often see that implementation of efficient and safe Chlorine design principles are a technical challenge for some of our competitors.

In its simplest form, Sodium Hypochlorite offers a number of benefits over other oxidants, not just its low price but also the effective rapid removal of many organic and inorganic contaminants, removal of sulphide related odours, to the killing a range of bacteria, mould and algae.

The use of Chlorine based chemicals does involve design inefficiency risks, however SLS’s operating knowhow and experience in auditing more than 20 different plants covering Sodium hypo, Chlorine gas and Chlorine Oxide processes can ensure clients are provided the latest and world’s best available design knowledge.

Our design expertise will ensure the lowest capital cost plant, whilst warranting the highest residual concentration and safest operations.

SLS has expertise in designing processes such as ammonization forming Chloramines to minimise or eliminate the formation of Trihalo-Methanes which are adverse Chlorine disinfection by-products.

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