Water projects begin with a need, and then a concept from which a plan evolves. 

Our FEED services assess the alternative concept options at a desk top level focusing on technical requirements and cost estimates.  Benchmark studies have reported that benefits above 25% reduced cost and 44% shorter project execution times are evident when the project planning commences with a competent FEED study provided by an experienced service provider. 


An FEED study can be as little as a basis of design document but can also include review of regulatory requirements, test work, simulation studies, CAD modelling and CFD studies, basic electrical block and or wire diagrams, process flow drawings and requests for technical information including cost estimates from equipment vendors and contractor service suppliers.


Drawing on our 30 years’ industry leadership, SLS Technology assesses the suitability of the alternative processes and unit operation technologies to create a best outcome plan.  Our experience is invaluable in delivering accurate preliminary cost estimates in a speedy timeframe.  Our experience eliminates poor planning and avoids significant changes during the projects execution phase.

We use proven cost models for evaluating alternative technologies with input for local factors and sensibly incorporating performance sensitivity and budget risk analysis which enables cost capital and operating cost comparisons over the range of economic and operating variables.


Our Front End Engineering and Design services enable


  • Greater technical confidence of the process

  • Superior cost accuracy and improved bankable finance acceptance

  • Shorter time to achieve plant start-up and turnover

  • Improved OH&S outcomes, reduced environment risks

  • Faster regulatory compliance processing

  • Improved risk identification and mitigation


FEED helps establish a well-defined scope, budget, schedule, and identifies risks, resulting in greater success during implementation, start-up, and beyond.  By undertaking FEED with SLS Technology at the beginning of your water treatment project, you will minimize your overall project risks.

Concept Planning

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