Engineering Logic


In addition to its smaller footprint and lower auxiliary costs, the Fabric Media filtering technology has one significant feature that favours its selection over the traditional sand filter for this type of application.  Unlike sand media long term filtration performance of textile media is not compromised when the media is overloaded with larger sized suspended solids. 

Project Overview

Alkaline Sodium Cyanide PLS from Dump Leach, main contaminants are clay silt particles.

  • Raw water TSS can exceed 500mg/L; Filtrate less than 5mg/L

  • Flow rate : 200 m3/hr

  • Design, Fabricate, Commission and train operators

  • Installation assist by document guide and video supervision

  • Commissioning by SLS


Equipment Used:

FM-UB-2625 (2600mm Diameter)



Fully PLC automated hands free filters, with optional manual override, backpressure and time criteria based control. Electrical Status communication to plant control computer. Filtrate reports directly to Ion Exchange column.


Installation instruction was provided by SLS and written in dual Bahasa and English language with 2D and 3D CAD exploded view instructions and videos.



2005, provided by SLS and the task was completed within 2 working days.


Alkaline PLS Filtration - Heap Leach Gold Processing

The Mongondow Gold Mine is located in Sulawesi, Indonesia operating a Heap Dump leaching process to extract gold via a recirculating lime treated alkaline liquor solution.  Gold is then recovered from the Pregnant Liquor Solution via an IX resin process which can be fouled by contaminants in the PLS. 

The PLS contaminants are predominantly clay silt particles and calcium precipitates.  During weather events the PLS can be highly turbid with total suspended solids over 1,000mg/L being common.  Such TSS levels are well above the safe operational window for traditional media bed filters.

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