Water Treatment Support Services

SLS Technology Pty Ltd provides a wide range of water treatment services, spanning all forms of water and wastewater treatment applications. 


Personal Training


SLS believes, the training of supervisors and operators is the most important guidance a plant designer can provide that ensures maximum performance efficiency and lowest possible operation and maintenance costs.

Our certificate level supervisor training is designed to educate the basic scientific principles of each unit process and ensures the logic behind the process design, recommended O&M procedures and optimisation strategies are understood. 


Our operator training ensures resaponsible staff have the maintenance skills and procedural knowhow to minimise the risk of operational damage, machinery failures, unplanned stoppages and unnecessary replacement expenses whilst attaining the optimum plant performance.


Additional support services include

Troubleshooting: For those that know they have a problem but aren’t quite sure what the cause is or know the case but not sure how to resolve it.


Performance Audits: For those that want an independent verification of their plant efficiency or condition statement of critical machinery such as osmosis membranes.

Data Monitoring: For those managers that want the confidence of having a recognized independent expert review and analyse their operations. Possibly to identify minor trends before they became critical events


Technology Review: For those astute water treatment plant  managers who need to benchmark their plant performance against modern technologies or competitors.

Process and or Procurement Optimization: For those who have stable operation, but are seeking advice on how to safely improve O&M costs.

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