Ion Exchange

IX media and ion exchange processes have an almost countless number of different and diverse applications.  For example, well proven processes are available for the concentration of many different metals but nowadays separation of organic molecules from water is also possible.


Even to the technically educated, choosing and using ion-exchange resins for water treatment systems can appear a perplexing challenge.


SLS Technology Pty Ltd has experience with a range of practical and effective IX processes in traditional bead resins, modern fibre IX resin bed operations and belt cloth IX processes.  Our design capability covers IX column tank and belt cloth designs.


Please contact us to benefit from our IX experience based technical support.


Our knowhow covers water softening demineralisation plus both cationic and anionic selective metal recovery processes.  Our project experience covers water softening for municipal synthetic grass sport facilities, dissolved metal recovery from acid solutions and from alkaline cyanide leach operations.


We have audited and designed plant for customers using many different brands of ion exchange media such as IX Indion, Purolite, Dow, Lanxess, Resintech, Finex, Puritech, Calgon, Watman and Lenntech.

Ion Exchange

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