The ability of Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Nano Filtration (NF) membranes to produce a continuous consistent and dependable water quality and the economic advantages from mass production has seen the use of Osmosis membranes expand significantly within the water industry in the past few decades.

A multitude of well-respected water treatment publications emphasize the need for a quality pre filtration to enable the membrane to sustain its design separation performance.  An osmosis membrane performance is reduced by the following contaminants in the feed water;

  1. Organic substances

  2. Colloidal mineral particles

  3. Living microbes

  4. Dissolved salts which reach their saturation level when concentration by the osmosis process.


Pre-treatment strategy such as disinfection, oxidation, UV, softening, pH adjustment, coagulation or flocculation can be essential precursor steps to obtain a suitable feed water quality for successful long term osmosis operations.

SLS Technology Pty Ltd has years of experience with both desalination and demineralisation membrane projects ranging from drinking water RO to Nano Filtration for valuable metal recovery from hypersaline hydrometallurgical liquor solutions.  We have designed and delivered low and high pressure membrane osmosis plants.  Our team have participated in training courses provided by membrane manufacturers such as DOW, Toray, Koch, LG-Nano, CSM and Hydranautics and thus have familiarity with different membrane materials.


Our clients appreciate our capability in designing and supplying the best possible pre-treatment process to maximise the protection of their membrane plants.  Our clients save their money as our services ensure they have the lowest membrane replacement rate in their industry category.

Our design expertise focuses on energy consumption, lowest possible pre-treatment costs, minimum CIP requirements, maximum water recovery and most importantly longest membrane life.

Ask the SLS Team about your specific water needs.  SLS can recommend simple pre-engineered mass produced RO units or bespoke design Reverse Osmosis or Nanofiltration plants.  Designs can be made on the prediction software supplied by the membrane manufacturers or alternatively Osmotic membrane processes can be simulated in our Perth factory test facility to generate design data and cost estimates.


Our design standard incorporates

  • User friendly controls

  • PLC based control with digital telemetric communications

  • Steel or FRP framing

Revers Osmosis

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