Engineering Logic


The textile media filtration technology enables a tenfold footprint reduction and associated savings in procurement expenditure and auxiliary requirements. The technology with its greater more robust capability for higher solids concentration and particle size in the feed is also attractive to Heap leach operations.

Project Overview


The design request stated two application tasks for the polishing filter.  Initially to be used to filter PLS. Then at mine closure or in times of high rainfall events the filter to be applied for filtration of mine discharge water..

  • PLS can exceed 1000mg/L TSS;

  • Flow rate: 285 m3/hr with Filtrate less than 1mg/L TSS;

  • Design, Fabricate, Commission and train operators

  • Installation assist by document guide, videos and supervision

  • Commissioning by on site supervision with independent performance verification


Equipment Used


FM-U-2125 (2100mm Diameter) + 2 units of 32 x 800mm Plate and Frame Diemme Pressure Filters.




The Textile Media water filter has the latest Allen Bradley PLC automation control using a remote SCADA based monitor touch screen for HMI requirements.    SLS provided dual automation programmes, one for PLS and one for discharge water filtration when required, with password based security.


Design including several bespoke requirements, fabrication and delivery was completed within 5 months.   Installation supervision was provided by video internet link from our Perth office and the task was completed within 3 working days.




2011, completed within 2 days requiring only one SLS person on site.


Alkaline PLS Filtration – Merrill Crowe Process

The Merrill Crowe process is a well proven technology for the recovery of Gold and or Silver from a Cyanide leach solution.                       

Quality front end filtration is essential to the Merrill Crowe process as suspended solids lower the efficiency of the Crowe tower and the zinc electron exchange reaction whilst adding unnecessary mass for the pressure filtration equipment and additional impurity to the slag of the smelting operation.

SLS’s largest Merrill Crowe polishing filter was installed at the Twin Hills Silver Mine in Queensland, Australia.

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