Engineering Logic


The BHP engineers selected SLS to design, supply and commission, a fully automated textile media bed water filter based on independent lab tests and their consultant’s recommendation.  The independent report indicated the filtering technology with best potential to

  1. Permanently maintain Arsenic levels under the smelter’s tight environmental threshold of 5ppb.

  2. Withstand the adverse effect of hard scale formation within the filtering media and filter tank.


Project Overview

The Arsenic treatment process is similar to many found at mine sites.   Contaminated water is treated with an oxidant chemical and Ferric coagulant, followed by dosing with lime putty to an alkaline pH.  Main contaminants to be filtered included Ferric Arsenate, Ferric Hydroxide and Calcium Carbonate precipitates plus microscopic silicate silt particles suspended ion a scale forming water environment.

  • Raw water TSS can exceed 100mg/L; Filtrate less than 1mg/L

  • Flow rate : 40 m3/hr

  • Design, Fabricate, Commission and train operators

  • Installation assist by document guide and video supervision

  • Commissioning assist by on site supervision


Equipment Used:


FM-A-0825 (800mm Diameter)




Fully automated hands free filter, with software control from smelters’ master plant control computer with optional manual override.


Installation supervision was provided by SLS and the task was completed within 2 days.




2011, task completed within one 8 hour day.


Decant Return Water Filter - Nickel Smelter

Arsenic is an unavoidable water soluble contaminant of a Nickel smelter’s feedstock and for human safety and environment protection purposes must be removed from the process water.

The design brief from BHP’s Kalgoorlie Nickel Smelter was to provide a fully automated security polishing filter for removal of Ferric-Arsenate precipitate and other suspended solids from a water stream attaining Arsenic levels well below international expectations.   With the vendor providing SCADA based operating and data collection software for installation on the smelters own Allen Bradley Master Control Computer system.

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