Engineering Logic

In addition to, the fact the textile media bed filtration performance is not compromised when the media is overloaded with larger sized suspended solids the lower procurement budget due to its smaller footprint and the lower auxiliary installation costs of the Fabric Media filtering technology presented a clear logical choice for the EPCM agent.

Project Overview

Filtration plant for River Water purification. Major Contaminants: Silt and Organic matter

  • Raw water TSS up to 500mg/L; Filtrate less than 0.05mg/L

  • Flow rate : 150 m3/hr

  • Automation via Schneider PLC system with Modbus link to a SCADA based master control room

  • Design, Fabricate, Commission and train operators

  • Installation assist by document guide and video supervision

  • Commissioning assist by on site supervision


Equipment Used:

  • 2 x FM-1620 (1600mm Diameter)

  • On line turbidity meters – Yokogawa Instruments



Each filter with PLC based control reporting digitally to the plants master control room. The PLC is located within the main control cabinet which has the HMI and manual override switches on the cabinet door.


Installation supervision was provided by SLS and the task was completed within 2 days.


2012, Provided by SLS and completed within 4 days, with independent verification


River Water Intake Filtration Plant - Gold Mine

The Martabe mine located in North Sumatra is one of the largest gold mines in Indonesia and in the world.  Large mines such as Martabe require hefty quantities of quality water for many different purposes from lubrication water or cooling applications to potable water.  The Martabe operation extracts water from a nearby mountain river.  The turbidity of that water changes quickly with weather events.

The design brief from the Australian EPCM engineer’s Ausenco requested a filter (+standby) capable of providing turbidity equal to potable water purity, with the machines automated to attain performance expectations in demanding turbidity fluctuations and with >95% on line availability during the periods of severe raw water clarity.

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