Project Management

The SLS philosophy is for delivery of all fabrications and technical services ahead of time, within budget and compliant to the project scope.  This is achieved with the aid of modern project management tools and strategies.


Project management is more than a Gantt chart displaying a time schedule.  Our management strategy has evolved from our extensive experience and emphasizes a collaborative, confidential, client centric approach.


Importantly our management processes

  • are always cost conscious,

  • utilise a modern licensed engineering based total PCM software package.

  • Apply well proven quality assured administrative protocols

Construction Phase Services

SLS Technology Pty Ltd provides supervising services during the construction phase that adds value by minimising construction time with correct interpretation of design drawings and instruction. 


These services can also include


  1. Instructions: such as CAD drawings for crane lifting or wiring.

  2. Delivery acceptance of equipment machinery, pipes and building materials.

  3. Start up and commissioning supervision

  4. Pre start operator training

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