UV Disinfection

There are several internationally recognised UV design standards that provide for a broad range of applications but these are far from covering all potential uses.  When designed correctly, UV treatment provides a well proven and alternative method for water disinfection. 

SLS’s initial application experience involved disinfection of municipal drinking water and has since evolved too many different industrial applications covering industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical and aquaculture.


UV light provides a low footprint but powerful non chemical means of water disinfection and SLS has wide experience with designing for complete inactivation of Viruses, Spores, Cysts and many other waterborne pathogens.

Low Pressure UV

Medium Pressure UV

High Pressure UV

Our design knowhow is based on attainment of the optimum pre-treatment strategy and has proven to

  1. Eliminate the risk of adverse biological repair mechanisms. 

  2. Optimise the consumption of Peroxide in Advanced Oxidation Processes

  3. Minimise the electrical energy requirements

  4. Enable safe and easy operation

SLS Technology